The tale begins with the partnership of Johan Gustafsson and Patrik Sjögren, aiming to create distinctive watches depicting the ancient Scandinavian traditions in regards to metal forging.Metal forging, plays a significant part in Sweden, and the Vikings were among the first to devise a pattern welding technique for their weapons. Today, this serves as an inspiration for the watchmakers of GoS.

Johan Gustafsson, a distinguished Swedish knifemaker has always been fond of steel crafting.
He pursued his career as a bladesmith, driven by his homeland and its historically rich culture of steel forging. His invaluable experience is essential in the production of every watch. Without his intricate craftwork and unequalled skill, GoS would not have reached its current position of fame and demand.

A leading graduate from the Swedish Watchmaker School, Patrik Sjögren has been awarded with numerous recognition for his work and dedication, including both Swedish and Swiss Wostep watchmaker certificates. This, paired with a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering and his keen eye for detail, makes Patrik’s contribution to the preparation and development of the watches mandatory.

Brought together by their deep-rooted love for crafts, all the design work up to date has been done by them. Their trademark oversized crown as well as the bedrock of the exclusive watches—hand forged Damascus steel, have indeed caught the eye of many. The only known brand to use Damascus steel to this degree, they reveal that hand forging is key to creating superior Damascus steel patterns.

The current retail prices of the available watches range from USD 13,500 for the bifrost to USD 39,000 for the Nordic Seasons–Gold

Their mutual passion for the Scandinavian nature and history are captured in the features of the timepieces. For instance, the hands of the watches reflect the Viking arrows and spearheads while the series, Nordic Seasons and the Aurora watch are concepts based on the contrasts of seasons in Scandinavia and the Nordic Lights respectively. Further, the first GoS dress watch has been named ‘Bifrost’, after the sacred rainbow bridge connecting the earth to the realm of the gods as per Norse mythology. One of the most exclusive dress watches available, the Bifrost–Isblå (ice blue) is also believed to be the first Damascus steel watch of its dimensions. With a limitation of just 25 pieces, it is of a considerable yet compact size, and even looks good when worn by ladies.

What’s more intriguing is that though watches from the same line have similar façades, it is not possible to create two identical patterns due to the nature of the Damascus steel. That being so, each watch from the same line of limited collections would all be unique. The GoS logo is engraved on to the case side, which is then etched, showing that the steel pattern continues through the solid case in stainless Damascus steel.

In addition to Damascus steel, GoS also incorporates gold in certain parts, such as the dial and index rings. While both white gold and the Swedish pink-gold variation is used, the Swedish gold is set apart by its hue, which results from the high amount of copper in Swedish gold mines.

The first bicolour GoS watch, Nordic Seasons–Gold, a series featuring a mere 12 pieces, is a grand spectacle, with the natural shade of the Swedish pink-gold perfecting the ultra sleek appearance of the Damascus steel frame and the handcrafted soft nubuck leather strap.

Upon request, customers can get their watches customised with engravings of their choice. To top it off, every watch is presented in a chic, individually crafted box.

The resolute duo has made quite an impression on the world, and they continue their journey, exhibiting fervour for their roots through their work.