Apple Watch

it’s personal

Designing a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology, Apple Watch promises to be the most personal product since it’s designed to be worn. Its streamlined design is such that the transition between the physical object and the software is seamless.

Compiled by Prasadini Nanayakkara


Simply raising the arm activates the Apple Watch’s display to give way to an organisation of new yet somehow familiar apps. While navigation is extremely fluid, a whole new interphase is developed to overcome challenges associated with a product this small.

The digital crown is a superior input device. Simply turning the crown allows users to fluidly zoom into apps without obstructing the display. It also enables nimble and precise adjustments and functions as the ‘home’ button. Pressing the button below the crown instantly displays contacts to connect with in just seconds. Apps are designed for lightweight interaction and smart replies and dictation means quick responses to messages.

Developing an entirely new way to communicate intimately with others, the new digital touch technology can get someone’s attention with a gentle tap. Users can even send a quick sketch or share something as personal as their own heartbeat. As a result subtle ways of communicating that technology usually inhibits have been made possible.


Aside from the digital crown other input technologies have been invented and specially designed for this small-sized product. As a result, while sensing touch, the display also senses force adding a new dimension to the user interphase, that is, tiny electrodes around the display can differentiate between a tap and a press.

Feedback from the TAPTIC engine—Apple’s feedback ‘vibrator’—combined with the audio feedback from the water resistant speaker creates a greatly nuanced experience.

Aside from its multiple functions as a watch, the Apple watch is exceptionally accurate using multiple technologies to keep time to plus or minus 50 miliseconds

The heart of the watch is a custom designed chip that integrates many subsystems into an exceptionally compact and encapsulated module. It is essentially miniaturising an entire computer system on to a single chip.

The Zirconia back has four sapphire lenses and the Infra-Red and visible light LEDs along with photo sensors can detect the user’s pulse rate. The watch’s gyroscope and accelerometer together with the iPhones GPS and wifi can give a comprehensive picture of the user’s daily activities. This allows the watch to also suggest and establish goals, and reward fitness milestones.

Aside from its multiple functions as a watch the Apple watch is exceptionally accurate using multiple technologies to keep time to plus or minus 50 miliseconds.


Recognising the importance of personalisation for something that has to be worn all day everyday, the Apple watch can be altered to suit tastes both in appearance and capability.

Recognising the importance of personalisation for something that has to be worn all day everyday the Apple watch can be altered to suit tastes both in appearance and capability

Beyond personlisation of the interphase the Watch comes in six different straps along with a mechanism to interchange with refinement and precision.

  • The Sport Band range has bold colours and is made of durable, sweat and chemical resistant, high performances elastomer.
  • The Leather Loop is of soft quilted leather that conceals magnets for fastening and adjustments and designed using traditional leather for optimum comfort.
  • The supple handcrafted leather modern buckle closes with a solid metal clasp and wraps symmetrically around the wrist.
  • The simple leather classic buckle references traditional watch vocabulary.
  • The stainless steel link bracelet has a slim deployment clasp, which is contained within a 2.6 mm band.
  • The milanaise loop is crafted from a fluid flexible stainless steel mesh with a magnetic closure that has an elegant simplicity while being infinitely adjustable.

Since one size wouldn’t fit everyone, a smaller Apple Watch has also been developed with matching smaller straps. Different cases and straps have given rise to three distinct collections

Apple Watch – featuring a polished case of stainless steel custom alloy

Sport collection – with an ion exchange cover glass and anodized aluminium case 60 percent stronger than standard alloy while being incredibly light and durable

Apple Watch Edition – made from 18 karat gold twice as hard as standard gold

The watch’s gyroscope and accelerometer together with the iPhone’s GPS and wifi can give a comprehensive picture of the user’s daily activities

Apple iPhone 6 and 6 plus

bigger and better

Since introducing the original product, developing an iPhone with a larger display marks a significant design and engineering effort for Apple.


The iPhone 6 comes in larger dimensions with a 4.7 inch display. Although taller and wider it is considerably thinner along with a smooth continuous surface that makes it all the more ergonomic.

Featuring the same continuous surfaces, and seamless material transitions as iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 plus has a larger 5.5 inch display. And it’s very thin.

By creating iPhone 6 along with iOS 8 the physical design is optimised to complement software features.

The Retina HD Display promises to be the most advanced ever designed and the high-resolution screen renders deeper blacks and sharper text.

As for the inner workings of the new iPhones, the Apple-designed A8 chip continues a legacy of powerful power efficient chips. It is smaller yet faster with better graphics and more energy efficient. As a result users can do more for longer periods of time without compromising on performance or battery life.

Extending features further is an M8 coprocessor, which works in low-power mode to efficiently measure the user’s fitness activity throughout the day. And the addition of a barometer, allows tracking of elevation the user gains when engaging in activities such as climbing stairs.

The eight mega pixel iSight camera has a new censor equipped with ‘focus pixels’, which give better and faster focus. Furthermore, a new exposure control in iOS 8 allows users to make adjustments to shots before taking them for improved colour and detail. The iPhone 6 plus also features ‘Optimal Image Stabilization’ using a gyroscope to compensate for shake. The iPhone 6 comes with software that “intelligently fuses short and long exposures to create sharpers images.”

“The iPhone is the world’s most popular camera. So we feel a responsibility to continually improve the experience of taking photos and making videos with iPhone 6.”
Greg Joswiak VP,
iPhone and iOS Product Marketing

Acknowledging that more people rely on their iPhone for taking video, the developers have added advanced video capabilities to the iPhone 6. Capturing 1080p HD Video at 60 fps, continuous autofocus provides constant focus for beautifuland compelling results.

The iPhone 6 also introduces another novel feature with ‘Apple Pay’—a fast, easy, secure mobile payment system. In order to do this there is no need to open a special app or even wake the iPhone. A user can make payments by simply placing a finger on the Touch ID offering a better alternative to carrying around cash and credit cards. Touch purchases can be made without having to enter credit card or shipping information as well.

“With iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus we’ve taken the time to do the deep engineering, to design and develop two entirely new iPhones. More significant than just bigger and better displays—the design has never been so compelling and undoubtedly making this the biggest advance in the iPhone since we launched the original.”
Jony Ive, Senior VP, Design

With iPhone 6 everything is made to run faster. Great advancements in wireless performance with faster LTE enables much faster download speeds at up to 150 MBps. With 20 LTE bands, it has significantly more than any other smartphone allowing users to connect in more places around the world while roaming.