One of the foremost jewellers in the country, Vogue Jewellers began a journey of evolution in 1962, founded by an illustrious, Sarath Hemachandra. His son Anura Hemachandra took on the reins in the late 70s and together with his mother steered Vogue to revolutionary standards while retaining a strong sense of heritage in its identity.

Award winning designers are at the heart of the Jewellers’ aesthetic versatility, displaying flair for both contemporary and traditional designs. In particular is a vast portfolio of necklaces that has become a trademark for Vogue Jewellers. Decade after decade Vogue Jewellers has unveiled revolutionary and authentic designs showcased in its boutique-style jewellery salon in Colombo. While Vogue Jewellers is the reputed source for bridal jewellery amongst Sri Lankans, its high jewellery selection speaks for itself in terms of artistry, value and authenticity.

A design that draws inspiration from the winged seeds of the endemic ‘Hora tree’ (Dipterocarpus zeylanicus). The chord is matched to the stones and can be changed to suit personal preferences. The stones are arranged to impart a subtle dark to light shading effect.

Set in 18kt yellow gold of 8.33gm are 118 natural 3.53ct pink sapphires along the wings and 25 diamonds (0.15ct) at the joint, from which suspends one 23.5ct Australian South Sea pearl.


Set in 18kt yellow gold of 9.6gm weight are 122 pink sapphires (3.59ct) along the wings and 27 diamonds (0.3ct) at the joint, from which suspends two Australian South Sea pearls (28ct).

A lantern-like innovative design, the pendant can be turned in an axis rotation movement to reveal a white pearl within, as the white diamond studded bands slide out of view.

Set in 18kt white gold of 44.5gm in weight are 405 black diamonds (3.09ct) and 195 white diamonds (2.4ct) and one 20ct Australian South Sea pearl within.