Slender and compact, the Gi Bike is credited to be ‘Light as a feather. Strong as a bull.’ Made of aluminium the Bike comes in two models – electric and the standard weighing just 17kg and 12kg respectively. It is also the shortest 26-inch bike at 3ft 4in. Aside from its sleek, contemporary design the Gi is armed with a set of attractive innovative attributes that transform it to a smart ‘eBike’.

While taking a firm step into the future, Gi comes with almost everything you would expect from a regular bike as well. Engineers have designed Gi as a full-size bike keeping in mind the heavy commuter and those who love a regular spin around the neighbourhood. Convenience is a major part of its design and the bike can easily be folded with just one motion and wheeled about like luggage. Aside from its portability the folded bike can stand in any space without using much space. The folding system is secure in that when riding it is designed to auto-lock itself with the weight of the user requiring a minimum weight of two kilos.

While taking a firm step into the future, Gi comes with almost everything you would expect from a regular bike

While the 15 km/h is the maximum speed allowed legally, the Gi can go up to 25km/h advisably outside urban areas. In terms of speed the bike has five levels of assistance and a special smart mode can analyse usage and adjust accordingly. The speed itself relies on the commute and how much pedalling is done. The electric version differs by simply having an electric motor and electric components associated with it. Electrical assistance means you won’t have to pedal and the Gi takes you for 40 plus miles, no sweat.

Among its innovative features that serve convenience is smartphone integration to facebook, twitter and maps. The phone can be connected wirelessly doing away with the need for extra wires. In future an exclusive Gi app will be available for both Andriod and iOS as well. And if your smartphone is running low on battery you can plug it in to a USB integrated port. Among the many perks, the bike requires zero maintenance including its carbon drive belt, and only needs to be charged when it runs out of battery. Moreover if the Gi’s battery runs out, it can be ridden as you would a regular bike. It is also able to withstand wet weather as it is armed with a weather seal protection.

On safety and security side, this all-in-one bike has an integrated anti-theft lock, which locks automatically when you walk ten feet away from the bike.Thisdoes not limit you from sharing your bike as you can add users to your Gi making it easy to share with friends and family. For safety when driving in the dark the frontal wheels have smart LED lights that turn on in the dark. This light integration was done, taking note that most accidents are side hits. The lights can be activated manually by the Gi’s app on your smartphone or they can set it up to turn on automatically when the light sensor on your phone detects darkness.

With its innovative design and features the Gi Bike undoubtedly redefines the meaning of cycling.

The Gi Bike will be Available at BT STORE