This product is made with a base of clay from Montecatini Terme in Italy, one of the world’s most prominent health, wellness and beauty centres. A formula of meticulously selected botanicals and nourishing ingredients including artichoke, white willow, EGF derivative and vitamins B and C, is aimed to create even textured, flawless and glowing skin.

The mask lifts off impurities from the skin while leaving beauty ingredients behind in the skin. Thus it simultaneously removes impurities while providing beauty ingredients to leave the skin instantly nourished and radiant.

The brand’s goal is to challenge women and their awareness about the art of beauty and skin care



A specialised magnetic force and deep derma induction system devised to remove impuritiesand revitalise the skin.

Rejuvenator is a beauty device concentrated with the world’s most sophisticated beauty technologies obtained through collaborative research with leading scientists in a sleek, streamlined body. Magnetic force draws out and instantly removes impurities in the skin to revitalise it, while exclusive deep derma induction combines different pulses to effectively permeate beauty nutrients. The dual energy system created by dual heads having separate functions leaves the skin fully revitalised and radiant.



Based on an original formula that was created exclusively for Madonna, the product creates a glowing effect when used alone and is further enhanced when used with the Chrome Clay Mask and Skin Rejuvenator.

The Serum captures Madonna’s essence merging heightened sensibility and cutting-edge technology. The dual function serum protects the radiance and moisture of the skin for hours. It enhances the skin from deep within by blending meticulously selected beauty ingredients derived from botanicals including PhytoCell Tec Malus Domestica (a liposomal preparation based on the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple) and vitamins A, B and C and three different hyaluronic acids in a never-before-utilised mathematical proportion. This exclusive formula maximises the potential of each ingredient for flawless skin.

The serum captures Madonna’s essence merging heightened sensibility and cutting-edge technology

MDNA SKIN, it is…

Transformation. Enigmatic. Substance. Connection. Revolution. Spirit. Intuition. Magic. Mystical. Ambition. Infinity. Immortal.