A name derived from a Sanskrit term that translates to sensuality, Aviraté is an entirely Sri Lankan brand by Timex Garments. With five stores in Sri Lanka, ten stores in India, and four distribution networks in Canada, the high street fashion label’s latest collection has already made its way to the spotlight having commenced in March. Each month, spanning March–June, 2014, reveals a new range that comprise the collection.

This collection as with all others of Aviraté, has drawn inspiration from the latest trends on the international catwalk and transformed to suit the preferences of Aviraté’s customer base. The label stays fresh and relevant to its customers as each year, designers visit Premier Vision in Paris to scour the upcoming trends in terms of designs, colours and fabrications. While two design teams, one in Sri Lanka and another in UK cater to the collections, the Spring/Summer 2014 has been designed in Sri Lanka keeping in mind a versatile customer base. Aviraté’s success, both locally and internationally, is due in most part for its fresh appeal in design and quality that reflect global standards.

Across the range of the Spring/Summer collection, printed chiffon, lace fabric, ITY—Aviraté’s stable fabric—and crepe de shine are the main fabrics featured. The collection is also defined by versatile silhouettes, flattering for most body types, such as simple tunics in vibrant prints, new entrants including kaftans and maxis. The collection introduces an entirely fresh collection in terms of colours and prints.

Be it pretty and delicate floral prints or vivid colours for simple silhouettes, each drop takes on their own story and theme.



Powder Pixel Mood

The inspiration for this range derives from the digital age—modern day interpretations of impressionist’s paintings through pixelation, a trend that is currently prevalent in the industry. This design proves its relevance for Spring and Summer due to its range of colours for prints and high summer feel.

The range caters to a broader age bracket and suits most body types. It is versatile in that it can be dressed up and dressed down and is of breathable fabrics suitable for high summer hot climate.All the printed garments are mood inspired in keeping with catwalk trends and have been designed in-house in Sri Lanka. The range introduces a new lining that is smoother and lighter on the skin. Much like ‘…a wild flower meadow on a hazy summers day…’, the fresh brightly mixed colour palettes gives a party feel as well.