Reminiscence of yesteryears

The origins of the village is shrouded in mystery though many speculate that ‘Etruscans’, an ancient civilization of Italy said to have established settlements in Tuscany and a few other surrounding areas, may have claim to the beginnings of Il Borro as well. However, it is a well known fact that due to its vantage point overlooking the ‘Roman road Clodia’; a fort had stood in Il Borro long ago.

The ‘true father’ of Il Borro is considered to be Alessandro dal Barro, a visionary and an important figure in the Tuscan politics, who transformed Il Borro to the charming village that many have come to associate with today. Yet, the recorded history of the village could be traced through such illustrious families and names as the Mascagni family who owned a castle in Il Borro up until 1254; Marchese Borro Borri, a Milanese nobleman who went onto become the Mayor of Arezzo; Girolamo del Borro, philosopher and scientist and father of Alessandro dal Borro; Medici of Florence; Tornaquinci; the Torriani of Milan; the house of Waldemburg Hohenlohe, the Savoy dynasty (since 1904) and now Ferruccio Ferragamo.



Spread across 700 acres, Il Borro combines old world charm with contemporary bliss to impart a perfect getaway where one can revel in an experience unlike any other. Situated in the basin of Upper Valdarno and surrounded by the rolling hills of Chianti and Apennine mountains, verdant fields of olive and vineyards, it is a place where one could easily believe that magic could still exist separated from mundane trappings.

‘Luxury and well being’ encompass the philosophy of Il Borro where each and every need and whim of the guests are indulged. Arrayed with luxury villas, suites, apartments and ‘farmhouses’, a multitude of options await the discerning traveller to immerse oneself in the unique culture surrounding an even more distinctive space.

Il Borro is a rendering of the village as it had remained where painstaking restoration portrays a magnificent extent styled in the classical Tuscan elements

The architecture of Il Borro is a rendering of the village as it had remained for countless centuries where painstaking restoration and conservation portrays a magnificent extent styled in the classical yet elegant Tuscan elements. Between the elements of antiquity retained, modernity also finds its place where modern comforts have been infused to convey a soothing stay. The village pathways are paved with stone and are lined with stone buildings that are coloured in the hues of yellows, reds and browns revealing warmth partial to Il Borro. Further archways and trellises with vines running the length lend an air of rustic appeal. The Corte Spa provides relaxation amidst a spa experience that goes beyond the norm. Numerous activities such as horse riding, golf, tennis and others for more exciting moments guests can enjoy, walks exploring the workshops of the artisans at Il Borro or the village. A must is a visit to the famed wine cellars of Il Borro to witness the art of Chianti wine making where the flair and passion that once characterised the wine still remains unchanged, a peek into the Il Borro shop to take back home a keepsake and a tour to the Galleria del Borro to observe Ferruccio Ferragamo’s private art collection will undoubtedly keep any guest on their toes anticipating an escapade mingled with equal doses of tranquil and adventure. Osteria del Borro specialising in Tuscan cuisine is a balance between taste, substance and creativity where each dish reveals a story of incomparable savour. VinCafe is a space dedicated for respite and ideal for a casual rendezvous, overlooking the beauteous landscape, as guests enjoy a light meal along with tea or a glass of wine. Last but not least the Il Borro Tuscan Bistro, a restaurant, wine bar and shop, presents dishes that showcase the temperament of historic Florence, which stands apart from the laid back atmosphere of Il Borro with its sophistication and standards of excellence.

 ‘Luxury and well being’ encompass the philosophy of Il Borro where each and every need and whim of the guests are indulged


The Villas


Villa Il Borro

The most elegant of all the villas, the Villa Il Borro dates back to the latter half of the 19th Century and offers a panoramic view of the Il Borro village and the private gardens including a specially fashioned renaissance garden.

Villa Chioccialto

A restoration of an old rural complex, the villa stands on a hill affording a breathtaking view both outside and inside where the designers have used traditional Tuscan architecture and design elements in complete balance with modern elements.

Villa Casetta

Overlooking the Merlot vineyards of Il Borro estate, Villa Casettta is ideal for a solitude moment.

 Arrayed with luxury villas, suites, apartments and ‘farmhouses’, a multitude of options await the discerning traveller


 Deluxe Apartments


Twelve superior apartments characterised by modern comforts, elegance and panoramic views, the Deluxe apartments are a depiction of Il Borro’s endeavours in presenting spaces that are bound with the Tuscan classical style with a contemporary twist.

• Cacciatore

• Canonica

• Cipriani

• Giardino

• Granaio

• Guardiacaccia

• Nardi

• Giardino di Nardi

• Principessa

• Scrittore

• Terrazzo

• Torretta


Classic Apartments

A total of nine apartments scattered amongst the village embody true Tuscan structural designs along with enchanting creations such as stone arches, an amalgamation of colours in wooden and light hues, terracotta floors, beamed ceilings, ceramic tiles and much more—each facet imparting a unique sensation to each apartment.

• Berti

• Ciapi

• Fabiano

• Guerriero

• Lombardi

• Malagnino

• Penna

• Rino

• Verdelli



The suite is equipped with a multitude of charismatic room that guests can select from. A property that belongs to the 19th Century, it is surrounded by private gardens while an array of amenities await guests.



Situated in the countryside of Il Borro, the five farmhouses offer a different approach to enjoy the delights within Il Borro. Orchards and gardens surround each expanse styled in traditional Tuscan style blending yet again the comforts of modern time.

• Poggio Piano

• Capanna

• Casa al Piano

• Mulino Uno

• Mulino Due