Born in 1985 in Italy, Christian’s experience lies in the field of motor sports working on concept vehicles and light weight developments. He opened his own studio in Munich in 2013 where he works in the areas of product, furniture and concept vehicles. The 1001 hookah came into being when a salesman working in the Middle East approached him asked him to design a hookah for one of his clients. “I spent a lot of time working on different classic designs. I presented my creation to the client and he was happy. However, during and after the project I kept thinking about how this very culturally bound object would look by designing it in a modern and western way. I started to experiment with designs that were not of the usual type,” explained Christian.

Utilising his experience in the field of motor sports where each detail has its own justification, Christian took into account that each part had to fulfill its task in the most efficient way. “There is no space for decoration, everything needs to be kept at a minimum,” he elaborated. As a result of his experimentation with various designs, Christian was able to produce a design that was very pure but radical in shape without any decorations or ornaments. “I pretty much liked how totally different an object could look like from the optical side of view while fulfilling classic geometries and cross sections of the tubing. This is needed to make a hookah work properly,” explains Christian. His approach to design was to keep the products very simple, but with a certain radicalness where each piece should maintain its uniqueness and stand out from the crowd.

Sophisticated materials are used in the production of the 1001, this is one the reasons for its distinctive feel and look. The main materials of the hookah are anodized Aluminium, glass, brass and 3D printed plastic for the base. While this supports the modern look of the product, it also ensures that the 1001 can be produced with very high precision. Due to the unusual small size of the hookah it can be transported easily.

“I would love to see my products in Sri Lanka,”  says Christian on the possibility of the 1001 coming to Sri Lanka

The 1001 is manufactured entirely in Germany. Talking about the production process, Christian says “after working out the final design I spoke to various potential producers and one got very excited about the product. Now he is setting up the machinery and the process for a small production. The manufacturer is a German automotive parts producer, which means the hookah will be built with the lowest tolerances and the highest attention to quality. Each hookah is built on request. The customer has to wait four weeks until his piece is shipped.” The focus on detail and quality has entailed that each piece is produced with dreamlike precision and put together to create a perfect product.

The 1001 will be available from May 1, 2014 and will be delivered worldwide. “I would love to see my products in Sri Lanka,” says Christian on the possibility of the 1001 coming to Sri Lanka.

“I get inspired from different type of things. It does not matter whether it is a painting, sculpture, technical device or tools. Nowadays it is pretty easy to find new products, shapes, materials or technology. Each day hundreds of new designs appear on the web. But, the most interesting ones are those, which stay stuck in your head days after seeing them,” says Christian about what inspires him to design and create.

In February 2014 Christian was awarded with the German Design Award Gold Newcomer 2014.