Veyron 16.4 transformed

‘Vincerò! Vincerò!’ translates to ‘I will win, I will win’ from the famous Nessun Dorma aria from the Giacomo Puccini´s opera Turandot. It is the inspiration for the name of this automobile accessory line by MANSORY.

There are parallels drawn with the new name. For instance the plot of the aria stems from a Persian tale of 1,001 days. Incidentally it relates to the standard motorisation of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 with 1,001 hp. Another reference to the product portfolio is that the opera ends in three acts and draws another parallel as the LINEA Vincerò edition is also not infinite – the project is strictly limited.

The Bugatti Veyron serial edition sets standards in terms of price, maximum speed and engine power amongst super sports cars.

Visually, the changes clearly show. The front part is given a comprehensive face-lift including modified wings, a shorter hood and a striking front apron.

The LED daytime running lights integrated in the front mount and the implemented stylised “V” as a special tribute to the name ‘Vincerò’, draw even more attention to the car.

The newly developed side skirts are the visual and aerodynamic connection between the axles. Larger air outlets at the sides and at the back render optimal engine cooling and in combination with the new diffuser, they underline the powerful car design.

MANSORY manufactures nearly all auto body parts from ultra-light and high-strength carbon. The applied hardening technique with strong pressure and high temperatures in the autoclave thereby enormously improve the material quality.

In order to perfect the entire visual appearance, MANSORY devised new, striking fully-forged turbine-design wheels for the Linea Vincerò in serial dimensions. The power engine is refined by MANSORY. Technical innovation is combined with technical expertise and thereby an increased cooling air supply and optimised exhaust system produce a 1,109 hp and 1310 Nm.

The interior is exclusive and yet functional. Here too, MANSORY has harmoniously combined luxury and technology. This is mainly demonstrated by the LED lights of the new Ambiente-Illumination-System, which are fitted in the seats, door linings and the dashboard. The entire passenger compartment glows in a soft light, which not only imparts a comfortable feeling, but also emphasises the high-quality carbon applications and in particular the grained leather.

The ergonomically designed airbag steering wheel is both sportive and particularly pliable and is equipped with rocker switches.


MANSORY SIRACUSA: Building on the Ferrari 458 Italia

Named after the historic racetrack on Sicily, this hot-blooded Italian car has been refined for more performance and a boosted appearance with the weight of the automobile diminished.

Already in the serial Ferrari, the ultra-light and high-strength material carbon is used abundantly. And MANSORY continues to apply this line with the Siracusa by making carbon the main material of all body components. Each single element of the aerodynamic design is manufactured in perfect surface quality and exactly fitted to the automobile.

The striking feature of the new Siracusa front is the apron with its optimised air inlets for a better ventilation of the front coolers. In combination with the new bonnet, not only is an aggressive look created, but also additional down force is generated.

At the sides, newly designed side skirts are added. These calm down the air flow between the axles and provide additional cooling air to the engine compartment through integrated ducts.

The diffuser, which is fitted into the new back skirt stabilises the rear during high velocities and in connection with the rear wing, generates contact pressure at the rear axle.

The body kit is completed with MANSORY carbon blades, which replace the rear window. Compared to the serial Ferrari 458 Italia, the refining specialist saves 70 kg weight due to its autoclave carbon components.

As a result of an optimised engine management, a sports air filter and a sports exhaust system, the engine performance, as well as the acceleration increases significantly. Owing to 590 hp/434 kW and 560 Nm, the eight-cylinder car accelerates in breathtaking 3.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. The top speed is 330 km, higher than the basic Ferrari model.

The carriage components in the Siracusa are especially adjusted to the improved engine performance and dynamic driving behaviour. These consist of four sports anti-shocks combined with progressively winded lowering springs. Therefore, the centre of gravity is lowered by 20 millimetres compared to the serial model. As a perfect wheel-tyre combination, MANSORY adds forged rims with central locking in the dimensions 9×20 and 11×21 with Michelin PS2 tyres measuring 245/35 ZR20 at the front axle and 305/30 ZR21 at the rear axle.

The interior is enhanced with the MANSORY refining kit. The upholstery stylishly combines precious materials such delicate leather, ultra-suede and carbon. The leather, which is processed skilfully, is highly durable and extraordinarily soft. The characteristic natural product with its special grain and meticulously perfected decorative stitches render an extravagant impression around the newly designed centre console.

Another highlight is the newly developed full size airbag sports steering wheel and the aluminium pedals.


 MANSORY CYRUS Aston Martin DB9/DBS enhanced

The MANSORY CYRUS is a spectacular carbon broad build based on the Aston Martin DB9 or DBS. Perfect processing and elaborate technology are the hallmarks of this exclusively tuned car which is limited to only 15 pieces. A coilover suspension provides the best road holding and emphasises the striking rims in XXL. The refinement is perfected by an exclusive interior programme.

Tailor-made processing and perfect surfaces confirm the superior quality of the MANSORY carbon outfit complete with and eye-catching gold-texture. The CYRUS aerodynamics components are made of extremely light “prepreg autoclave carbon” which not only includes wing extensions for the front and back, but also side skirt attachments and linings.

At the front axle, a newly designed front skirt with enlarged air inlets provides the optimal ventilation for the twelve-cylinder aggregate. The CYRUS front is visually enhanced with the newly designed carbon bonnet. With its two slotted “power domes” additional fresh air is directed to the front motor.

At the tail, the refining engineers have invented something extraordinary in order to perfect the visual appearance of the Aston Martin. The newly designed rear skirt with the integrated diffuser emphasises the superior look and provides space for four stainless steel end pipes of the sonorous sport exhaust system.  The optimal road grip is provided by the 9×20 and 10,5×21 inch rims in combination with Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres measuring 255/30ZR20 at the front and 295/25ZR21 at the back. The design of the ultra-light forged wheel thereby unites sportiness and elegance and perfectly fills out the wheelhouses. In addition, an optimally adjusted coilover suspension lowers the centre of gravity of this noble sports car and renders perfect road holding characteristics.

The CYRUS driver will take his seat in an elaborately refined interior. The entire modification includes pedals and foot rests made of aluminium as well as exquisite door sills and head rests with embroidered CYRUS logos. MANSORY enhances the interior with a set of tailor-made carbon parts for the dashboard and centre console. Generally, the noble interior is only lined with best quality materials.

Decoration stitches on the dashboard and the seats render visual highlights and perfect the significantly beautiful overall impression of the complete leather equipment. The ergonomically re-designed steering wheel with airbag lies especially well in the hand.


Vitesse Rosé: A special edition of the Bentley Continental GT Speed

Vitesse Rosé—the name says it all. On the one hand, Vitesse means velocity in French and therefore already the basic model of the Bentley Continental GT Speed is an epitome for swiftness. On the other hand, Rosé is the dominating colour of the luxury coupé which is only offered in a limited edition of three cars.

The car body components made of PU-RIM perfectly integrate into the original design, but also render a significant dynamic style. Front and rear apron in connection with the side skirts form a unit to present a visual and colour-coordinated refinement.

LED daylight running lights, which are integrated in the front apron render additional passive safety and in combination with the carbon fibre bonnet they enhance the dynamic look of the two-door car.

In addition, the component parts optimise the air duct over the car silhouette, which renders positive effects on the handling. The necessary extra down force can be attributed to the carbon rear lip, which perfectly flows into the shape of the boot lid and prevents any troubles with the traction.

The newly developed stainless steel exhaust system with two angular, overlapping chrome end pipes render a striking note to the tail and supply the twelve-cylinder with an earthy rumbling sound.

In order to draw level with the extra performance, MANSORY developed a light alloy wheel measuring 10.5 x 21 inches. By using weight-saving aluminium alloys the resulting reduction of the unsprung masses, improves not only the braking distance, but also the handling is significantly improved.

In co-operation with Dunlop, high-performance wheel type Dunlop Sport Maxx GT measuring 285/30 ZR 21 were developed. Moreover, the newly designed control unit for air suspension, which allows lowering the sports car’s centre of gravity in different levels, renders additional dynamic highlights.

Premium materials are chosen for the interior to enhance the comfort. The expertly processed leather is extremely resilient and extraordinarily soft.Complete with its individual grain and the manually applied decorative stitching, everything around the newly designed airbag sports steering wheel take on an extravagant atmosphere.

The pedals are made of aluminium and in combination with the carbon fibre applications the exclusive interior of the Vitesse Rosé comes to perfection.