The Act Dubai is a unique concept as it combines theatre, nightlife and dining all under one roof. Opened in March 2013, The Act Dubai is considered the highest theatre in the world since the venue is located on the 42nd Floor of The Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai. It is considered to be a groundbreaking, performance based luxury theatre with club and dining. “As the only fine dining restaurant in Dubai to solely offer Peruvian cuisine, the combination of phenomenal entertainment with its specialty “acts” and performances to be enjoyed with an extensive menu undoubtedly leaves the guests with a night to remember,” says David Ley.

A concept of Simon Hammerstein, a seasoned theatrical producer and artistic director who opened The Act Dubai’s sister venues, The Act – Las Vegas and The Box in NYC and London before bringing the theatre and dining concept to Dubai. The interior of The Act Dubai has a vintage Victorian theatre feel, which helps guests to envision that they are inside a true dinner and theatre concept type of venue, where they feel as if they have gone back in time. The venue is made up of classic leather furniture pieces alongside reclaimed wood and royal blue velvets, which help create that vintage and historical look and feel.

The performances are drawn from artistic experiences and traditions that tell a story, which is a form or art on its own globally

Guests can experience the performance based acts from numerous perspectives including, banquet booths around the centre of the main dining area, dining tables in front of the main stage and for private parties there are enclaves to fit larger groups to have their own private space yet still enjoy access to view the ‘acts.’

The performances are drawn from artistic experiences and traditions that tell a story, which is a form or art on its own globally. “I am also working with performers from all over the world and it is nice for all of the performers and myself to come together on one stage to create new ‘acts’ or interpretations of story telling that are entertaining yet groundbreaking,” explains David. There is an MC at every performance, guiding guests by introducing and explaining the various acts and characters included in the performances. The acts featured include singing and dance numbers, performance art, and acrobatic performances, among other surprise acts and performances.

The Act Dubai is open Sunday – Thursday evenings, with Sunday and Thursday offering the theatre, dining and nightlife concept where guests can savour Peruvian cuisine while viewing a variety of acts through dinner service  later on into the evening. Sunday and Thursday’s operation hours are 9pm to 3am. 

The Act recently launched a new dinner and show concept, called “Dreams By The Act” where guests can experience a collection of acts that tell a story (or a depiction of dreams) while enjoying Peruvian specialities that are shared amongst a table. The dinner and show concept is available Monday – Wednesday evenings from 8:30 pm to midnight. 


“Recently, we launched “Dreams By The Act” a new dinner and show concept that runs Monday-Wednesday evenings where guests are taken on a theatrical journey that interprets various dreams,” elaborates David. “Dreams” is the region’s only dinner and theatre show highlighting the performers’ ability to depict a story through various performance mediums and energies, such as dancing, singing, acrobatic balancing performances.

The interior of The Act Dubai has a vintage Victorian theatre feel, which helps guests to envision that they are inside a true dinner and theatre concept type of venue, where they feel as if they have gone back in time

At The Act Dubai, contemporary Peruvian Cuisine is served in a fine dining environment. They offer an assortment of different dishes consisting of octopus, duck, beef, various types of fish, chicken, made in Peruvian style using different techniques and ingredients, which offers different flavours. “I like to play around with the colours, textures and flavours of the food to give customers a true experience of Peruvian cuisine,” says Roberto Gonzales. “Peruvian food was and will always be a fusion of different flavours, and it was this way before fusion became popular in the culinary world,” he adds.


Some of the special dishes on the menu: 

  • Burrata – with sweet rocoto reduction, confit figs, tomatoes and olive oil
  • Grilled octopus in panca sauce – panca is a sweet chilli pepper sauce
  • Various ceviches
  • Camarones con maracuya (crispy quinoa coated prawns with a passion fruit and rocoto reduction)
  • Tres leches casero (three milk cake) 


“As Head Chef of The Act Dubai, I try to make changes to the menu every three months, to go along with the changes in season”, explains Roberto. Once a menu is launched work begins on the next one.The planning and creation of menus starts in the kitchen by playing with ingredients and flavours to bring dishes together. “Sometimes I go back to Peru to see what are the new movements and ideas in food, gastronomy and cuisine, and to also do an extend tasting of the original products in Peru for inspiration,” he adds.

The performers are not the only one on stage at The Act Dubai. The menu is also performing…

At The Act Dubai, the performances and the cuisine complement each other. The performers are not the only one on stage. The menu is also performing because in every dish different flavours, tastes, textures and colours are combined to bring about an explosion of taste that will help guests to remember and thus create memories connecting the cuisine and the theatrical experience at The Act Dubai.



Born in 1978. Ithaca, NY, USA, David studied at NYU Film School while directing underground multimedia art parties in New York during the late 1990s.

Upon graduating, he immediately began working in television and independent film earning credits both in front of and behind the camera. David is a Member of the Screen Actors Guild.

He spent a few years as a musician, performing as lead guitarist for the independent electronic rock band Light from a Dead Star.

David is active across several media including painting, installation, video art, conceptualism, performance art, theater and film. His works are held in private collections in New York, London, Los Angeles, Rio De Janeiro.

Having started at The Box shortly after it’s founding in 2007, David became a director of the flagship New York venue with the expansion of the company internationally.

David Is now responsible for having brought this unique brand of nightlife entertainment to Dubai as director of The Act Dubai.


Roberto Segura Gonzales was born and raised in Peru, surrounded by the vibrant colours, textures and tastes that inspire Northern Peruvian dishes. From a young age, an almost spiritual flare for food grew within his soul.

As his culinary flare continued, and shortly after graduating high-school, he was accepted into the Peruvian School for Culinary Arts; quickly demonstrating skills that excelled him ahead of his peers.

Roberto joined “La Rosa Nautica’’, named Peru’s best traditional restaurant. Later that year, Roberto met celebrity chef Christian Bravo, who then became his friend and mentor, excelling the soon to be Sous Chef, to a successful career at Bravo Restobar. As his career continued to evolve, Roberto was accepted into the Institute of Gastronomy in Argentina, the most significant move of his life.

After graduating, Argentinian based restaurant Osaka, was the new home away from home for the young chef. Shortly after, Roberto began working with celebrity chef Zuzumo Oshiro, owner of Osaka and he was asked to open the first Osaka Restaurant in Mexico and to work alongside world-renowned Peruvian chef – Rafael Osterling.

After a year of challenges and triumphs, fusing the best Asian and Peruvian ingredients, Roberto was introduced to world-renowned celebrity chef—Richard Sandoval. Shortly thereafter, the two worked together specialising in the fusion of contemporary Mexican cuisine and Peruvian flavours, in preparation for the grand opening of Latin inspired Toro-Toro restaurant in Grosvenor House, Dubai.

During his success at Toro-Toro, Roberto transitioned, and became the official Culinary Advisor for the Peruvian Consulate in the UAE.

Now, at the peak of his career, Roberto leads an international team of skilled artisans at world-renowned venue—The Act Dubai, the first of its kind, a Peruvian fine-dining restaurant.