Born under the sign of the Bull, Lamborghini has the drive and desire to achieve the impossible. With the Aventador LP700-4 the aim was for it to be the benchmark for the next decade. Reaching speeds of up to 300km/h, it is the fastest car yet. The Aventador is not an upgraded version of the Murciélago, what was required was something that did not exist in production at all. It meant beginning from scratch with all the risks that come with that. The spirit of innovation is apparent in every fibre of the Avantador.

The new Lamborghini flagship—responds to the most minute steering input with the stunning precision of a perfectly balanced race car. Lamborghini users expect an emotional shift feeling that ensures the sports car’s reactions can always be felt and understood.

The design was entirely new and the focus was on a light-weight construction. The Aventador maintains the unique geometry, which is ingrained in the Lamborghini DNA. It has the characteristic features such as the scissor doors and powerful defined lines and surfaces. However, the design and engineering depicts a generational leap in terms of technique and technology.

‘Aventador is a work of art, and has a dynamic sculpture; from the sharply honed front end, through the extremely low roofline to the distinctive rear diffuser. Every line has a clear function, every form is dictated by its need for speed, yet the overall look is nothing less than spectacular.’ As always the design is inherently linked to the function of the vehicle to ensure efficiency and high performance. The design was drawn with one singular line. When designing the Aventador, inspiration was obtained from nature, sports and lifestyle. The roof of the vehicle was inspired by the features of insects. Another sphere that is dominated by speed and dynamics is modern aeronautics, from which features were introduced to the Aventador. This gave rise to a design of maximum functionality and spectacular sharpness. The defined lines and smooth surfaces created a brilliant combination of light and shade, which gives the car tremendous visual movement.

The body of the car is based on an innovative monocoque made from carbon-fibre that combines exceptional lightweight engineering with the highest levels of stiffness and safety. The overall length of the vehicle is 4,78 metres (188.19 in) and the width ia 2,26 metres (88.98 in). The “single shell” applies only in the descriptive sense—the new Lamborghini monocoque is made from a series of individual parts with specific functions and technologies, such as stiffening elements made from Braiding technology. The monocoque is connected at the front and rear with equally rigid aluminium sub-frames, on which the suspension, engine and transmission are mounted. The full monocoque, weighs only 147.5 kilograms (324.5 lbs). The load-bearing structure of the vehicle is engineered as a “single shell” that functions physically as one component, thus taking full advantage of the extreme rigidity of CFRP. Race cars have been built using CFRP monocoques for many years—and have proven their crash worthiness time and again and this is the first time in the world that monocoques have been used in super cars.

The Aventador, similar to the Murciélago, has electronically managed air intakes that open depending on the outdoor temperature and the need for cooling air, ensuring maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

The heart of the Aventador is the Lamborghini V12 engine, which powers this machine. This too is part of the Lamborghini DNA. This engine is extremely powerful and high-revving, but a very compact power unit. As with the overall car, the engine too is lightweight at 235 kilograms (518 lbs). With six and a half litre displacement and 700 hp (515kW) at 8,250 rpm, it is the most powerful super sports car in the world. The transparent engine bonnet, which is optional, exhibits the twelve-cylinder engine. The exhaust system, was engineered to ensure the lowest possible gas emissions. The hydro-formed and thermally insulated three-into-one system incorporates four pre-catalytic converters close to the engine and two main catalytic converters shortly before the muffler. The casing incorporates two separate mufflers—one low-volume, one high-volume.

The V12 is the ‘creator of the Lamborghini orchestra’, the unique rumble that characterises this car. Regulated by valves controlled via the engine management, they handle all the elements of the big twelve-cylinder symphony—from a moderate rumble when rolling through the city at low revs to the screaming crescendo of maxed-out gear shifts.

The highly innovative and light weight ISR (Independent Shifting Rods) transmission and the pushrod spring and damper concept together with aluminium double wishbone suspension and a carbon-fibre ceramic brake system, the chassis represents another aspect of the new flagship’s unique technology concept.

From start to finish, design to engineering, the Aventador is completely put together manually. Attention to detail is given in every aspect from the interior to the exterior, where skilled engineers, designers and technicians work in tandem to create perfection.

The Aventador’s incredibly low front takes on a distinct arrow form, with the Lamborghini bull insignia gracing both the point and the centre line, which continues its path along the entire length of the vehicle. The surface of the roof has a new geometry that provides greater spaciousness for the passengers while at the same time giving relief to the lines of the front section. The most crucial task of the body shell design is aerodynamic efficiency: the optimum airflow for absolute stability at all speeds and, at the same time, optimum cooling for the engine. The engine air intake is located on the roof pillar, behind the third side window. And when cooling requirements are particularly high, additional air channels open up on the rear wheel arches.The rear end, too, is dominated by openings, framed in black, where the hot air finds its exit.

The entire rear end is highly three-dimensional in its design.

The design philosophy continues into the interior. The cockpit is upholstered entirely in fine leather and also takes on a subtle arrow form. Here, too, inspiration has been derived from aviation—as in a modern aircraft, the instruments are presented on a TFT-LCD screen.

Colour is the most important character of the Aventador. There are 13 production paint colours to choose from in pastel metallic, pearlescent or matt finishes. Three colours are available in specialised and highly sophisticated matt finishes such as AD Personam–Nero Nemesis, Bianco Canopus and Marrone Apus.

The colour is painstakingly hand sprayed, which in turn is checked thoroughly by a paint specialist. Then, the car is polished and buffed repeatedly to give the desired finish.

Aventador is a work of art, and has a dynamic sculpture; from the sharply honed front end, through the extremely low roofline to the distinctive rear diffuser. Every line has a clear function, every form is dictated by its need for speed, yet the overall look is nothing less than spectacular. 

The two-tone leather interiors are offered in two style lines. For Bicolor Sportivo, the base colour is black, with the contrast in orange, white, yellow or green, while Bicolor Elegante presents a harmonious blend of brown tones. A virtually inexhaustible array of variants is also offered by the Ad Personam individualisation programme. Furthermore, other features include transparent engine cover, black painted wheels and brake calipers in yellow, gray or orange.

The Lamborghini Aventador is available in  Sri Lanka at EuroSports Auto Lanka. The vehicle has been acclimatised and raised for ground clearance. As a versatile car, the Aventador can be driven on smaller roads in Sri Lanka, which are similar to those in Europe as well as the expressways that are being developed around the country. Sri Lanka get ready for the Aventador!

The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 has set the benchmark as the car of the future. ‘100 years of innovation in half the time’, is possibly true when speaking of Lamborghini and more specifically the Aventador where it has perfectly combined design and function.